Course curriculum

    1. How to access your resources

    2. Guide for Newbie SMS-iT Text Marketing

    3. SMS-iT Smart Tool Guide You Should Know

    4. How to Set-Up Your Android Phone in SMS-iT

    5. How to Get A Cloud Phone Number

    6. Get Your Twilio Number Connected to SMS-iT

    7. How to Create Sub-Accounts

    8. Learn How to Create GIF'S

    9. Add Permission Feature in Sub-Account Agent

    10. SMS-iT How to Create a Spinner

    11. Add Phone Number Limit Option

    12. Manually Add or Delete Local or Toll-Free Numbers for Sub-Account

    1. Smart Tools

    2. 13 ways to use SMSiT

    3. 2 ways to Connect Android Phone and Simcard to the SMS-iT Gate

    4. How to Create a Spinner

    1. Services that you can offer with SMSiT

    2. Avail of the Super Virtual Assistant

    3. How-to-Create-a-Business-Model-with-SMS-iT.pdf

    1. SMS-iT Sales Bot (Discord)

    2. SMS-iT Sales Bot (WhatsApp)

    3. SMS-iT Sales Bot (Instagram)

    4. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Slack)

    5. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Facebook)

    1. SMS-iT Sales Bots (WhatsApp)

    2. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Slack)

    3. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Instagram)

    4. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Facebook)

    5. SMS-iT Sales Bots (Discord)

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